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I started a deep scan of a drive which seems to have been accidentally reformatted to a RAW type, about 10 hours ago.  I had set it to ignore deleted files, because I have not deleted any files from this drive, only moved them elsewhere.  Currently the scan is reporting that it is 63% done, having found 226577 deleted files, and estimates that it will take 6 hours to complete this first step.  The only difference between this state and 4 hours ago is that then, the estimated completion time WAS 4 hours. :(  I had previously done a standard scan, and it reported about the same number of files, but also that there were about 4000 files that weren't recoverable.

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The time estimate was not a bug, just a bit of confusion, over the long period when nothing seems to have been done.


The bug seems to be in the way the results are presented.

   My first attempt was to recover the contents of a folder callled Downloads, which was one of many folders on a 2TB drive.  The recovery was to a new 4TB drive.  I was told that about 173000 files had been recovered, and about 4000 had been ignored, Presumably, the ignored files were the remaining files on the drive.

   When I tried to recover the remaining files and folders on the drive, everything was put into a folder labeled 'Unknown Folder' which contained 56.8GB and 3513 files.  I noticed that a number of mp3 files had been recovered as separate tracks, rather than in their folders, and thus could not be properly associated.  There were 648 files or compressed archives and pdf type  that were recovered with no names, just numbers.

   When I examined the results provided by Recuva, I was told that out of 3513 files, 2844 were fully recovered, including the 648 unnamed ones, and given a list of them.  I was also given the name of the one unrecoverable file.  There was no listing of the 1168 partially recovered files.  If I had such a list, I would be able to recover the missing parts.


  Do you think that if I made another attempt, I would get different results?  I have not used the original drive since, except to change the drive name.


I attempted to attach a copy of the list of recovered files, which is a IOpen Office Text file, but was not allowed to do so.

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