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A Graphic Depiction of Computer Components in Family Tree Form


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Hi Speccy Fans!! :)

I enjoy your great utils often and just came up with a possible option for Speccy. Note that in NO way do I want you to change the way Speccy presents info currently. This idea is strictly an add-on to clarify the relationships and parameters of the computer components to each other in a simple graphic form. A button on the menu bar would bring it up.

Here's my vision of this graphic, possibly running in near real time if you can make it happen:

It's very similar to the bottom half of an "hourglass" family tree and each relevant component is represented by a box with a label in it. The CPU(s) is/are at the top or left side (depending on the orienation you choose) and speed(s) is/are shown in the box(es). Lines run to all caches downstream. Boxes for each in relation to each other and the speeds to them are shown. Then FSB and BSB, Motherboard controler, RAM sticks, card slots, USB and 1394 buses, etc. are in their places down/across the tree with speeds for each as well. If there are other parameters or findings, like temperature or errors, these can also be shown in the boxes or connection lines.

In this way all component relationships are easily related to each other. I'm sure you have seen a graphic similar to this in PC Magazine (etc) when describing motherboard architectures for years. I'm just thinking you can make it "real" to us by adding the results of Speccy's calculations to each component (I mean, have you counted how many different types of bus speed Speccy displays? It's a little confusing to some of us how they all relate!). It could really help the less-than-uber-techie with diagnosing problems like mis-matched RAM sticks or CPU's.

Finally, to be able to save the graphic as a JPG would be very cool!! :wub:

My Calc and My SlipStick, They Comfort Me.

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