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$hf_mig$ folder


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I am also grateful to Mr. G for fixing CCleaner: Windows has traps for evan the most wary users sometimes!


On other points made in the last few posts, I note that $hf_mig$ contains only files from hotfixes. It does not contain anything from Service Packs (SP2 in particular), thus greatly reducing the labor for those needing manual repairs.


Actually, from what I have read here and elsewhere, my suspicion is that most of us are rather unlikely to ever need the items in that folder, and maybe Bill Gates will come out with SP3 this Spring and remove the necessity. My backup file only had some 47 (I think it was) subfolders, not including those from the February Patch Tuesday exercise. Can that be all that there have been since SP2 arrived?

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I wouldn't say easily; downloading 50 or so patches and a 200+ MB Service Pack and installing all of them is at least a 4 hour process for most users, maybe more.


Lets just hope this problem gets resolved quickly!

The previous poster wrote "Only the most recent set of patches is missing." That would hardly be 200+ MB...

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whose f*ckin' brilliant idea was that delete hotfix uninstallers option,if those are not safe to delete!! anyway i have not noticed any problems since i delete them. and i just check windows update and there was no any updates available,so i think that not any actual patches was not removed.


edit. and just also checked updates history and everything looks fine.

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Thanks for acknowledging this error MrG, but how about an instant update to the program rather than let many users continue with the faulty program. It would also help considerably, to those of us that have lost this folder, if you were able/ or prepared to come up with a solution to restoring the lost information


Agreed, an instant update would be very helpful.

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For anyone wondering if they're hotfixes are actually installed correctly visit Microsoft Update and click the link Review your update history. Anything with a failed-sm.gif or status_failed.gif on it should be re-downloaded and re-installed. BTW that's the only way you'll find out if you're missing a hotfix when Microsoft Update doesn't detect them.


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I registered with Piriform just so that I could reply to this.


In what I am replying to below, it says something like: without a previous file in the $hf_mig$ folder, you might end up with the wrong version on your system (according to Greenknight).


This is WORSE:


In the past, I cleaned out my KB files based on the 6 digit KB number and how much time had passed since installation. Of course, this resulted in removing files from the $hf_mig$ folder. A couple of months ago, my computer notified me that an automatic update was ready to go. I told it to go ahead. Part 3 of 3 failed (I can't find the specific KB number. I know I wrote it down somewhere). I then spent 3 hours of daytime minutes on the phone with Microsoft because every 10 minutes or so I was getting notified that an update (the same one) was ready to be installed.


The problem was that this update was NOT a new number. If it had been, there probably wouldn't be a problem. Since it was a correction of a previously established number, it got stuck when it couldn't find the old file. Microsoft had to go into my computer and tweek several things so that I would stop getting notified of an update. They also told me that I needed to try to reinstall Excel (the target of the failing part of the update) and that if I couldn't, I might have to reinstall the entire system! Since I don't use Excel much, I left it alone and it seems to be working.


I choose not to reinstall Excel, because I already have this problem with WMP11. I deleted the uninstall files for WMP4 (that's what the file said). I later had to reinstall WMP11 and the install failed (all 3 trys). WMP11 seems to be working, but the installs did not complete. I figured it would probably take more time (and money) to try to get this fixed than it would to reinstall the system. Since it SEEMS to be working, I chose to do nothing more.


For me at least, I'm not touching the $hf_mig$ folder again.



Shortly after the above, I installed CCleaner (complete coincidence). When I set it up, I didn't see an option for deleting uninstall files. Nothing unexpected has been deleted, so I guess I didn't select it. Where is this option listed?



Some people intentionally remove that folder. (From another forum)

"For example, consider the following scenario:

1. You apply a security update that installs a GDR version of File.dll with a version number of 5.2.3790.1000 and copies a hotfix version of File.dll with a version number of 5.2.3790.1000 to the %windir%\$hf_mig$ folder.


2. You apply a hotfix that includes a hotfix version of File.dll with a version number of 5.2.3790.0000.

In this scenario the hotfix installation in step 2 installs the hotfix version of File.dll (version number 5.2.3790.1000) from the %windir%\$hf_mig$ folder instead of the hotfix version of File.dll (version number 5.2.3790.0000) from the hotfix package." (Franklin)


"If I remember correctly $hf_mig$ folder is recreated when any new hotfixes are installed." (Franklin)


"As I understand it, if you install an update, then later install another update that contains an earlier version of a file that's in the previous update, then you need it to migrate the later version of the file instead of installing the earlier version. Why this would ever come up I don't know, but it's Windows, it doesn't have to make sense." (Greenknight)




I don't know how to confirm whether or not that folder gets re-installed with a hotfix. If someone knows how to confirm this, please hit us up.


I'm also interested in whether or not the cache can be rebuilt if the folder does get re-created.


I would like to add one more thing. :P


Even though this folder may not be as serious as we think, it's still not a hotfix uninstaller folder. Therefore, it shouldn't be cleaned by the hotfix uninstaller option.

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interesting folder name LOL first part "HF" = have Fun Last part "mig" = me :unsure::rolleyes:


i cant rember when it?s where made but it is a long time a go, i think it whas in the start of microsoft statede genuinecheck on xp




ps. Hf me :P

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