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Ability to resize CCleaner window smaller


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Hello, I've been quite inactive in participating on this forum for some time and its only recently that I realized there is now a CCleaner version 5. I'm using v 5.02 in fact.


However, I noticed that you could no longer resize the CCleaner window as small and as compact as it once used to be. I know this is no big issue but its a matter of personal preference, especially if you want the windows of other programs to take more real estate on the screen. Could there be any chance to make the CCleaner window compact again?


Anyways, I do like the new polished look of CCleaner. I suspect that this new polished interface also limits how small the window can be resized but if there is a way that we could shrink it more yet retain that polished look, that should should be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I love computer maintenance tasks.

Some of my favorite programs:

Wordpad -basic word processing

Notepad - temporary clipboard and basic scripting module

Windows Media Player 12- video, music and online radio player

Windows Media Center - live TV, local FM radio

CCleaner- handy computer maintenance tool


If something fails to work after using the registry cleaner, use SYSTEM RESTORE.

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And then again, nothing have been done on version 5045151 to reduce the height minimal size from 600 px to something like 550 px, for CCleaner to be displayed correctly on mini-PC's with maximal screen resolution in 1024x600 :angry:

That's just a big miss from developpers's team :wacko:

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