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Android Chrome - Settings - Site settings - All sites. How to clean with CCleaner?

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Hello, please foregive me if this has been answered before (I have checked, but not found...).


Android version: 5.0.1


Chrome - Settings - Site settings - All sites OR Storage


How do I clean this with latest CCleaner for Android?


I can do it manually via Chrome - History - Clear browsing data - Clear


BUT since I am a very happy user of CCleaner on Windows for many years I would like to clean my new (first android phone) with CCleaner for Android!


Big thanx in advance



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Hi Sweden8, welcome to the forum. Unfortunately CCleaner for Android is unable to clean Chrome in the same way it does on Windows. This is a limitation of the Android System, as CCleaner for Android cannot access the data space of the Chrome browser on your device. Only the Chrome browser can clean its own browsing data.

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Thanks for the answer. I feared that this was the case - but I had to ask. Strange problem...


What if CCleaner launch Chrome and mimics whatever Chrome does? After clean it closes Chrome?


Anyway - thanks for the answer - Sweden8

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