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Additional include parameter

Jurgen de Jong

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I am using CCleaner in automatic mode when the system start. And I love the no interference of the whole program. Though, a while now I have been wondering why the include option under options, does not have a time parameter. I use for example a workfolder where I dump work related project stuff, various VM machines point to this folder. And ones in a while it gats huge after which I do not have any idea about what some files are, how did I come up with the naming... should I delete it or is it useful still. Release me from the burden of mental pain whether I should or should not delete stuff. 1 or 2 month and trash it, gone, finished, don not break your head over it, you did not move it to some other place so it was not important enough, don't be in doubt. the only option I do have now is trash it at system startup, and that defiantly is not a good idea. regards! and thumbs up for the good work so far.

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