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CCleaner for Android deletes Memory-Map maps

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Memory-Map maps are installed in Download/Memory-Map/DMS by default and are deleted by CCleaner for Android unless you untick Downloaded Files in Settings (or at least that's the only workaround I could think of). This seems a bit crude as there are probably other downloaded files that should be deleted. Is there a more elegant solution? On my PC, Memory-Map maps are installed in C:/Maps_v5 and are not deleted by CCleaner.

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Hi jellyroll, you can prevent CCleaner for Android from deleting specific files in your downloads folder by locking them.


To do this:

1. Run Analyze

2. Tap the Downloaded Files Card in the results list, this will show you a detailed list of the downloaded files CCleaner found. (From here you can clean individual files and lock files)

3. To lock an item Tap and drag it to the left you will see a blue lock icon appear indicating the item is locked (Use the same action to unlock an item). CCleaner for Android will not remove locked items when you clean the 'Downloaded Files'.


This process can be used for 'Downloaded Files, APK Files, Empty Folders and Processes'


Hope this helps.

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