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Deborah Knight

I'm new on the forum, have question please

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Is there a place in the knowledge base, in addition to the easily found help file for the settings, where I can find a very in depth description of every single item's setting in cleaner for both panels? Specifically for example, Using Cleaner for the Windows panel: why would I want to keep OR want to delete Recently Typed URLs; same for Index.dat files; same for Last Download Location; and going forward down the whole list. I don't know for many of them, and wouldn't have the least clue about the Applications panel: what does checking - OR NOT - signify for all of them?


And one final question, is there a list of the default settings anywhere?


Thank you for your help!


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In addition to the above. 

Probably should not use the registry cleaner until you are absolutely sure what it will do. 

Go to the registry cleaner and UNTICK everything to start with. 

When you know what each registry item means, and how to save the backups, then take it one step at a time. 

Imho.  :)

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