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New user doesn't have some options available

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I am a (fairly) new user of the free version of Defraggler. And I am considering purchasing Defraggler. 

I would like to know if there are more options available when one has installed the purchased version. 

For example, I currently do not have the options available for: 

Options | Advanced |  Exclude Files | Exclude Restore Point 


If I purchase Defraggler, will I have the "Advanced" tab options, such as these "Exclude Files" available?  


Also, when I hover my mouse cursor over the multi-colored squares which show "Files being read", "files being written" etc. there is no information given as to which files are in those individual squares. (I read that there is supposed to be file info for each square when the mouse cursor is hovered over them.) 

Please help me with this also. 


Will purchasing Defraggler make a real difference with these?

Thank you very much.

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The free version has that setting



  1. In the advanced tab of options(1) place a check mark in "Use custom fragmentation settings"(2).
  2. Click define (3)
  3. Place checkmarks in the definitions (4)(5)



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Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it. 


One more question is..... why is there no information given when I hover my mouse cursor (mouse pointer) over the colored squares?

(The ones that show green for "files being written" and yellow for "files being read" and blue for "not fragmented" etc.) 

I read that when a person hovers the mouse pointer over these, Defraggler should give more information about the files within that square. 

Please assist me on this. 

Thank you again. 

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doesn't work while the defrag process is in progress.

click Analyze then hover your mouse over the appropriate squares and click to see what files they contain.

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