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Trolltech- what you didn't learn in the closed thread.

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 Trolltech keeps showing up in your registry because it is a platform used by many, many software company's when they develop their program so it will work "Cross-Platform" (which means it will work on mac, pc, linux, unix etc ... type of computers) without making a new program for each type of computer. On my computers I have Belkin, Malwarebytes, Lightscreen and Google Earth software installed and all 4 use the QT (Trolltech) Development Platform. Skype and Adobe (and many others) also use the platform. There are more than a couple of forums giving advice on this and don't even know that the program they represent use the platform. The name "Trolltech" was kept because of it's widely known name in the development community but since Digi PLC finally acquired the rest of the company a couple of years ago from Nokia perhaps they will change the name to something less intimidating to users but, since 'users' aren't their target market, probably not.


DISCLAIMER - the goober-smoochin, tallywhacker-smackers that write malicious code can find a way to corrupt just about anything so, while what I have written here is true and can easily be verified by yourself, if you so choose, be careful because you never know.


(careful) user of only CCleaner,

michael clyde

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Ah, yes, the topic that descended into he said she said:





You say careful, which reminds me of something I watched years ago on some big news channel which stated "many computers have some form of infection even if deemed clean by anti-virus."


It's known that anti-virus software alone is no guarantee of having a clean PC.

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