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Laptop won't boot after running Defraggler

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Hello dear piriform community!

The Laptop runs Win7 Home Edition 64bit. It had around 20% free disc space.

I ran boot time defrag two times and after that normal defragmentation (with the option enabled to put larger files at the end of the disc) and then defragmentation of free disc space.

I continued to use the laptop and then went into hibernation. 

After that I tried to start the laptop 4 times now. It just shows nothing, screen stays blank, not even BIOS, simply nothing. Pressing the power button long enough shuts it down again.

Do I have options other than taking the HDD out of the laptop and performing checkdisk while connected to another PC?

What could have possibly caused this problem?



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Even if you assume the worst case and most unlikely situation that CC cleaned more than it should, it would only account for software issues on the hard drive.

If you aren't getting the BIOS splash screen to show than that would suggest a hardware issue with the laptop.


How much time are we talking between the running of CC and "I continued to use the laptop..." ?


If you have access to another PC then your idea of removing the laptop drive and scanning it from the other PC is worthwhile.

I would also remove, clean and reseat the laptop memory just in case, by pure coincidence, that is to blame.


I take it, as soon as the laptop starts, you can't even hit F2 or Del (or whatever it is for your make/model) to get into the BIOS config screen?

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Turn off machine.


Try taking out your laptop battery remove any power lead, adapters, usb dongles etc.


Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.


 Plug in power lead and press power button on laptop. If ok now, close down properly and put back battery.


Sometimes, just sometimes, this works.

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