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Trying to Delete 17,000 IMG & JPG Files --- Question ---

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Is there a better method than another to delete these files? I have all my Nikon pics from say 2010 on, housed on my work laptop and need to delete them (I already backed them up, twice). I am getting a new laptop in Jan. I don't want a stitch of family photo's on here.


Any assistance would be great. Thanks.

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it all depends on where the old laptop is going and your thoughts on conspiracy theories (big brother is watching and all that palaver).


anything deleted can be recovered, at least partially.  it all comes down to time, motivation and the correct recovery software.


you could simply delete them, then empty the recycle bin.  of course these can then, relatively easily, be recovered.  (I say relatively as the chances are not great of getting all the files back in pristine, usable condition)

it all depends on what usage the system then gets.


you could use CCleaner, Drive Wiper, and do a 1 pass overwrite (1 is all that's required).  however Recuva would have some level of success in finding 'something'.


then you could re-format the drive and reload all your software (Windows included of course).


but to truly achieve "don't want a stitch" I would argue the only guaranteed method is to replace the hard drive.

a 500gig notebook drive can be had from under AUD$80, and you'll still be up for the software reloads anyway.

an added bonus is, if selling the laptop, the new owner will know the drive is reliable and under warranty.

then you keep the old drive as a safety net, or stick it in an external enclosure for use as a backup device or vent your anger and take to it with a hammer (and has a added benefit of destroying those incriminating files).


but as I said, it all comes down to how anal you want to get in destroying your original files.

Backup now & backup often.
It's your digital life - protect it with a backup.
Three things are certain; Birth, Death and loss of data. You control the last.

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