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Why connects CCleaner with the internet?

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I like CCleaner! Is a great Software.

One surprise me:

Why connects CCleaner with the internet ( Updates are disabled.

Old versions did not attempt to connect to the Internet (same settings). Why Version 5.0?


By the way, Speccy do the same. I dont use it.


Sorry for my bad English...  :rolleyes:


Thanks for your work.



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It may belong to Fastly one of Piriforms CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)




more info..




Other sites connected to Fastly (14 pages of them, Piriform is on page 3)




I have asked admin why Fastly are called out to when ccleaner starts up.

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As far as I understand it here is the reason.... 



Fastly is used for Piriform's webservices, this includes the licensing server. Each of the products make a call to the licensing server when starting up.

All versions (even free one) will call the license server. By doing so it checks for updates, validates licenses (for paid only)

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