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Very low "Random read Speed"


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I have in the past few days benchmarked my drive a few times and I never get a result above 1.5 MBs which might be the reason why my computer is extremely slow.

I have now upgraded the processor with the hope that it would improve, but it did not and again, if it is a HDD problem, it will not improve I guess.

What is strange that I benchmarked another drive, and it give two very different results on each of the two volumes on it. I expected it to be a mechanichal problem, but if the result are markedly different on the same drive for each volume, then obviuosly I do not understand what this benchmarking is and what to do with the results.

Thank you for your help.



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Thanks for starting the subject; I'll share my scant experience. Maybe others will provide more insight.

Several years ago I tried the benchmark a few times and as best I can recall it seemed that the score depended on the amount of fragmentation.
I got a low number while fragged, a higher number after file defrag, and a still higher number after full (partition) defrag.

I guess it measures the drive's access speed. The more seeking that's required, the longer it takes to retrieve files and so the lower the score.
So it's all about overall drive health and fragmentation.

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