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How do I get hold of files recovered

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Hi, I have a text file containing names of recovered files, how do I get the individual files?


Here is the contents:

Atomic_leads_project_4+_2311_Msg889.txt  31549     D:\Message Magic\  
import.csv                               229353    D:\Message Magic\  
leads_from_MOBE_withread.txt             3641      D:\Message Magic\  
leads501to1000.txt                       10528     D:\Message Magic\  
NEW_LEADS.zip                            33369885  D:\Message Magic\  
500000_BONUS_LEADS.txt                   10520475  D:\Message Magic\  
leads1001to1500.txt                      10104     D:\Message Magic\  
leads1501to2000.txt                      10074     D:\Message Magic\  
leads2001to2500.txt                      7954      D:\Message Magic\  
leads2501to3000.txt                      9727      D:\Message Magic\  
leads3001to3500.txt                      10565     D:\Message Magic\  
leads3501to4000.txt                      20922     D:\Message Magic\  
leads4001to4500.txt                      10236     D:\Message Magic\  
leads4501to5000.txt                      10403     D:\Message Magic\  
leads5001to5500.txt                      10707     D:\Message Magic\  
leads5501to6000.txt                      10707     D:\Message Magic\  
leads6001to6500.txt                      10437     D:\Message Magic\  
leads6501to7000.txt                      10372     D:\Message Magic\  
remainingleads.txt                       10376062  D:\Message Magic\  
leads_from_MOBE_didtheyreadit.txt        4134      D:\Message Magic\  
311213.txt                               1121      D:\Message Magic\  


Any suggestion/resolution greatly appreciated

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You open Recuva, run a scan, and then select the files to be recovered. The text file lists files found from a previous scan, but is of no use in recovering files on its own.

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