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Damn large files!

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So I've had this problem before, never solved it, large files on my drives (mostly videos) can't seem to be defragged no matter what I do, In the screenshot you will notice that i selected a single file "a good day to die hard" and tried to defrag it individually and it just starts and boom "this operation cannot be done" any ideas? as this is not a very fast pc Intel Pentium Dual Core E6700 @ 3.85GHz you do tend to notice the sluggishness when those files are heavily fragmented.   


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Hello Dillon - Is it D:\ partition you're having the problem with? If so, it's because you're using 97% of the available space. There's just not enough room available to rearrange such large files. I suggest you either transfer some of the files back to C:\ partition, or transfer some of them to an external device, like a USB hard drive or large capacity USB flash drive. Then try defragmenting D:\ again. Be aware that defragmenting such a large amount of data is going to take quite some time. When you're finished, you can transfer the files back to D:\.

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you're going to get little to no improvement in defragging that list of pirated movies.

with an average of only 3 fragments/file, there just won't be any discernible speed gain.


and although you have 27% free space, from the defraggler drive map, there is little of that space that is contiguous enough to move around those 4gig files temporarily so multiple files can be shuffled at once.


as @Derek891 states, an external drive would be best.

you wouldn't even need to defrag those files, a simple cut & paste to the external and cut & paste back to C:\ would defrag them as part of that process and probably be a whole lot faster than a defrag.

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