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[SUGGESTION] Support Firefox variations to detect currently running

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I have installed Waterfox.  It picked up the Firefox profile location.  CCleaner will still offer to clean the profile.  Great.


I can move those profiles if I wanted, and use CustomLocationX = FIREFOX|PROFILE_PATH, which applies the FIREFOX rules to this new path.  Ok.


But here is the problem.  If I have Waterfox, or any of the common variants RUNNING IN MEMORY, it will happily muck around with files the browser may currently be using, WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!


Further, I have no "quick/easy" way to configure CCleaner to look for and properly detect if the Firefox variant is running, and apply the myriad tasks (options in interface to clear cache, history, forms, downloads, passwords, cookies, etc).  I've got to redefine the entire FIREFOX config, just to change the path from the Firefox to the Waterfox app.


The easiest solution, is to remember to close browser before running CCleaner, which you have to do anyways.  But it gets annoying!  And sometimes I forget.  I like being reminded, and then given the option to back out.  I saw and understood the note about CustomLocationX in the FAQ, but it only lets you configure the DATA location, not the APP location/detection.


The harder solution, is to go search around for hours, and spend hours more, trying to figure out how to configure a custom app exactly like the Firefox app.  All that work just to reflect a few characters difference in the app path?  I was hoping for an easier way.


Is there possibly a way to modify the FIREFOX Custom Location to let us specify the app location too?  Or is there another approach that is just as easy?

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You can feed it the full actual path where you have it installed. For example Firefox Portable:




And no CCleaner probably won't know if a Firefox variant/clone is running, so it's worth looking in Task Manager to make sure it isn't running before cleaning.

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Andavari, thanks for the reply, but I know that already.  The entire point of my post is to find out if there's a way to detect if the EXE is running, with a recreation of a full configuration of CCleaner for the variant (not just CustomLocationX), or as a suggestion for a new feature, or a modification to the way CustomLocationX works.

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