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CCleaner 5.0: closing 'X' isn't correctly aligned


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Before CCleaner 5.0, I could always drag my mouse to the top right corner to the 'X' and click it and close CCleaner. Now, however, the closing 'X' is moved a few inches\centimeters to the left. Everytime I want to close the app, I have to carefully move my mouse to the awkward position of the 'closing X' before I can close CCleaner Can the Piriform developers please put the X back in its normal\original position, aka all the way in the upper right corner? Thank you


Using Windows 7 x64 on a 1080p screen.

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I think this is fixed now in the 5.02 version. The closing 'X' button is still not all the way at the top right corner, but atleast when I move my mouse there I can now close the program without having to precisely maneuver my mouse a few pixels left of the top right corner. So, thanks silent Piriform devs :)

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I created an account here just to report this bug.

Annoyed the crapoutame I had to revert to v4.

But hopefully it's fixed, and once a slim version of 5.02 is available I'll test it out myself.


The GUI of v5 still annoysthecrapoutame. It now looks like the dying OS which is called Windows 8.

All the tabs seem to blend together now, all one white color.


Windows 8 GUI is a step backward in the evolution of GUIs. Bland and plain.

Why anyone would want their software to look like that is beyond me.

Oh well, keep up the good work Piriform.

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best not to hijack another persons thread, you should start your own, especially when your post does not mention a bug.

there is already a thread for complaints with the new GUI here; http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=42323&hl=

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