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Please, a fast question

Deo Domuique

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Please, can you tell me what is this that when I perform cleaning, always the saved passwords of Internet Explorer dissapear?


I'm not sure what I have to uncheck in order to avoid this. Of course I unckeck the "Saved Passwords" but still happens. Also, I'm not sure if this cause of the CCleaner untouched or with the custom list ( for more cleaning ) included.


Thank you in advance!

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Um!... I don't think it's either of those.


I have the suspicion it's either something here:




or even here:




But still not 100% sure. I really need to find it because it's extremely frustrating -creating the passwords all over again.


This time I kept checked only the default Internet Explorer settings (did the cleaning) except "saved passwords" of course and I didn't lose them.

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