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Bug in Internet Explorer Cleaning

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There appears to be a bug in the way CCleaner cleans Internet Explorer files on at least XP systems with Internet Explorer 8.  On each cleaning run, CCleaner creates 4 randomly named folders in the 2 locations:


C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\UserData




C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore


It is normal to have just 4 folders in the above 2 locations, but CCleaner has some bug so 4 more empty folders are created.  This leads to a build up of empty folders over time.  Only CCleaner seems to do this, if you clean Internet Explorer cache through inetcpl.cpl it doesn't cause the empty folder build up.


Please can a dev look into this, maybe it is only on XP systems but it's a problem if you run CCleaner a lot.



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i don't have UserData folder in "Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\"

but can confirm the bug on DOMStore cleaning through Cookies entry in IE

it seem the folder duplicate on how many folder that have file in it

for example folder A have 2 files, folder B have 1 file

delete 3 file and start IE, 2 folder will be created and will be use

the previous folder will be ignored

i think it has to do with Cookies cleaning that doesn't delete the folder along with the file

maybe need to add |Removeself to the cleaning rule :P


i tried delete all folder except file index.dat and after that, 4 folder will be recreated based on name inside index.dat which has only 4 name

open IE and only file inside these 4 folder will increase

xp sp3 IE8

the above is what i'm gonna reply when suddenly got internet problem and need to login back


after testing @Andavari entries here, i prefer this entry to replace the current entry inside Cookies or make it separate entry

different index.dat file result in 4 different folder name

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