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inability to uninstall


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While I thoroughly enjoy the use of Cc5, and all previous versions I have stumbled upon a true problem that perhaps someone can shed some light on. Recently was watching something on Daily motion via Chrome browser  up popped an Adobe flash player update. I clicked ok, and before I could stop the update got slammed with all kinds of "crap" apps.

I used IObit uninstaller to remove all the garbage. However, Cc is not able to remove "Shopop" app "mypopshopltd". I keep getting a can not delete or uninstall an MSI file. I physically deleted the app from registry, and all keys associated with it, rebooted, and it's still there, with same messages during uninstall.

To compound matters I resorted to uninstall and file shred of Cc hoping on clean install the problem would be resolved. Alas that is not the case.

That nasty little bugger keeps trying to hijack chrome browser with some search engine called "trovgo". Hitman Pro has deleted it several times now. Any way to remove it from uninstall list, since IObit uninstaller had done it as well as shredded all files, as has control panel. Using windows 7 OS 64 bit. thanks for any assistance. Johnny Dee


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Whenever you update Flash (via filehippo) always choose the Never Automatically Update ("Not Recommended"...hah!) choice during installation.


It's easy to remember when to update it to, it's usually the same day of Microsoft's Updates Tuesday.

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