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Really need a full documentation...

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I'm new in this forum and I read most of the posts already recorded.


Like other users of Ccleaner for Android I feel particularly uncomfortable for using the software mainly on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet (Android 4.4.2) and Samsung Galaxy S3 mini smartphone (Android 4.1.2).


No documentation in order to understand what is going to happen when choosing any of the available options/parameters !

If you get a summary of all what can be 'cleaned' after the initial search, no one knows what all this implies !!


I admit I have great hesitation using 'Ccleaner' on my mentionned devices though I do it without any apprehension when it goes over Windows devices (PC XP-sp3, Win7, Win 8.1) because there are several reviews about it on the net AND a specific FAQ's link from the Piriform website.


I implore Piriform to publish an Android dedicated documentation, it would be of enormous help for the users and confirm the good image of the brand !

Is there a chance to be heard ?


Thanks in advance.


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