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4.19.4867 IE11 Web Icons & GMail Login Cleared ?

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OK....been a long time user of CCleaner and have several W7 64 bit PCs......all latest updates.

I use Avast & MalwareBytes to keep protected.

I'm also a techy.


Anyway, I have not played around with CCleaner settings too much but two issues I noticed.

1) Everytime I run CCleaner many of my icons "pics" in IE11 get cleared.  If I click on them they re-populate.
I thought this had something to do with Explorer Thumbnail cache but realized after reading that was not IE.

I then played around with the CCleaner IE settings and it appears the "Temporary Internet Files" clears these ?

I'd like to keep these icon pics but be able to clear the other temp files......is there a way ?

It seems this was not an issue in previous versions ?......do not recall this clearing the icons.


2) When I go into Gmail from Google.com it asks me to login.....I have google.com in my "Cookie to Keep" list in CCleaner.

If I uncheck "Cookies" in the cleaner this does not happen.  One note, it seems I DO stay logged into the account when I go to Google.com....just when I hit the Gmail button.

SOLVED: Had To Add "accounts.google.com" to Cookie to Keep list


Thx !

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