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URGENT : Found 0 files (758 ignored), all scan options active

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Hi, I have scanned several times a memory card that I accidentally deleted the files from.  I did not place any files over top as I realized my error immediately, so the files are there.


I have checked all the options in "Options" as well, as was recommended in another thread.


files are .jpg and .nef from a Nikon D800


Can you help??





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The 780 files ignored sounds as if you have not checked Scan for Non-Deleted Files. Whether checking this will be of any help I don't know.


Can you confirm that the top five boxes are checked?


I assume that the file system is FAT32? Deleted file have the first byte of the file name changed to 0xE5, displayed as an underscore. You should be seeing some deleted files, although how individual card manufacturers implement FAT is anyone's guess.

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Thanks, yes everything is checked.  The last scan DID find all the files, because I searched from the root rather than the folder the files normally should reside in.


Now I am getting this error :


"The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid"

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