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folder result by Dive wiper


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Hi everyone,


as wrote in the title i used the function "Dive Wiper" of ccleaner, but it stucks at 100% so i cancelled it (i had wait 2h before cancel), now i have a folder og 1.5To wich is filling all my hdd.


last time i tried to delete it i leave my computer with de delete process for over 1day, but doesnt works.


i tried to divide it to small part but i couldn't cuz off the space left (26Go).


i have no more idea to delete it, it's been a week i try to delete it...


if you have an idea tell me please


thanks in advance.


ps2 : i am not good in english so i might have written some s*** 

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i've tryed the command DEL -F "filename" an let it run over 10 hours an it was still stuck on 


"H:/DEL -F todelete (file name)


EDIt : at this point i can't write anything


then i add to ccleaner to include the file... but i don't knows how it works *facepalm*


finally killbox says "this file cannot be delete"

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