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686 Files ignored

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I ran Kingston's media recovery on an SD card and it found 686 files but it wanted you to buy the program to see what they files were so I downloaded Recuva and ran the deep scan and it also found 686 files but had this message - Found 0 files (686 ignored).


As this is an SD card the only thing it has ever been used for is pictures so would like to find out what these files are. I could see if it was a USB flash drive or hard drive as the files could be anything so they would be ignored as they are not pictures or video but that isn't the case.


I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.

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Switch to Advanced Mode, Open Options/Actions, and check all the boxes down to (and including) Scan for Non-Deleted Files. It's probably the last option that's the cause of the majority of the ignored files.

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