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Is the Pro version any faster?

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Defraggler has memory leaks (Example 30 GB RAM leak [It occurs only Superlarge drives (example 7-13 TB), (a very lot of files 5M ... 20M!]) <==== Tested on multiple computers! ) , is slow (many users think so) and does not defragment all files (Not enough space on the disk? it is impossible 700 GB /Free real space 70 GB)


developers are very always have a different opinion and "always believe that for them there is no problem" - because it is a hell of a great tool for defragmenting?


Thank you.
Uninstalls the program.
Because the program has bugs and developers are not able to solve my problems.

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Not worth the time to run defraggler, and if time is money then they need to pay me quite a bit to run this on my home PC!

Actually, I'm running this right now to see if the 16 hours of defragging a single 7.2K 3T enterprise drive will fail just to test the RMA waters, so this program might have a morbid advantage.

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Q:  If there is no speed improvement, Is there value added (tools) for upgrading free defraggler to the Pro version?


basically, No.

extras include support and auto updates.

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