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I'm using CCleaner64 Free version 4.18.4844. Monitoring has been disabled: Both checkboxes under Options/Monitoring, Enable system monitoring and Enable Active Monitoring are unchecked.


I created another shortcut to run "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO (Like I have been doing for years).


Every time I run it, the icon remains in the notification area. And I have to right-click on it and select any choice to make it vanish.


Regardless, please be thanked for such an excellent piece of software.

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Thank you for answering.


I'm sorry to report that everything was set to the proper values:

- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run: No sign of CCleaner

- INI File:


- CCleaner runs normally

- No orphaned process


Moreover, I have at least 10 other machines (Win XP, 7 or 8) running CCleaner /AUTO directly or in batch files without any issue.

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I uninstalled version 4.18.4844, d/l'd a fresh copy, then re-installed it: No go.

Fully uninstalling using specialized software to remove any trace of CCleaner and Piriform from the registry, then re-installing: Still no joy.


Thanks to FileHippo, you can still get CCleaner 4.17.4808: http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/58488/


I was never too keen on this monitoring feature anyway.


Please close this thread. Thank you

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