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Word 2013 Recent Docs Resets to 25

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With earlier versions of CCleaner, the program reset the number of recent files in Microsoft Office to 25 after every cleaning. For that reason, I got into the habit of un-checking all versions of Microsoft Office that I see in Cleaner > Applications.


Each time CCleaner gets updated I make sure that all versions of Office I see are un-checked.


At the present time, all versions of Office are un-checked.


Despite all that effort, the number of recent documents in Word 2013 is reset to 25 after every application of CCleaner. How can I stop this?

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A registry exclude may do the trick in CCleaner at:

Options -> Exclude -> Add -> Registry


The registry key should be located at:


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I have an Exclude as follows; %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Office\Recent\

which stops my Office MRU's being lost. (as well as unticking the Office entries under the Applications tab)


You have to go into your Office program, Word 2013 say, and go to File, Options, Advanced, Display section and set Show this number of Recent Documents to your desired amount.


I have mine set to 30 and when I run CC, it stays at 30 and shows 30 of my MRU's (well, actually 28 as I have 2 pinned).

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