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Latest CC v4.18:

- Get rid of the option "Wipe Free Space" in the main pane ("Cleaner").

- Move all the "Wipe Free Space" options from the "Settings" (under "Options") to the "Drive Wiper" section. That's the place where ALL the "Wipe free space" stuff should be.



The new "Monitoring" section.

1. Use more meanigful words for these options:


- "Active monitoring for Updates".

- "Active monitoring for disk cleaning"

2. Make the option "Active monitoring" independent from the first option.

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I definitely agree, "Wipe free space" current location is kinda odd, "Drive Wiper" section would be more convenient.


And I also agree with "Active monitoring" suggestions.


I hope your suggestions gets the attention it truly deserves.

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Please use less general subjects in topic titles in the future

:) k thx by

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