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Proxy server issues

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My system keeps being held up waiting for the Proxy Server.  Something is causing the LAN settings to keep resetting to using a proxy server, even if I keep deselecting the corresponding tab.  I am running Windows 7, and my browser is Chrome.  If you do a search on this problem on Google you find millions of people with the same issue.  The problem is very widely documented.  Most people think they have fixed it by using the manual deselect, but it actually resets again whenever you open a new tab in Chrome and sometimes after just a few minutes of having deselected.


Users of other browsers have the same problem.  There seems to be some consistency among the threads that I have pursued that this is a registry issue.  I'd hoped that CCleaner would resolve it, but it doesn't.


Has anyone any idea what I can do about it?


Many thanks



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sounds like Malware.

check the forum rules covering malware help.  it provides links to free sites that will provide one-on-one advice.


what is your AV software? do you have a firewall?

what other security layers do you have?

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You need to get help from a Malware Removal forum. A list of recommended ones is under item 10 here.




Chrome and your System use the same settings by the way.


You either have a program installed or an addon that is causing this.


When you read a page such as the one below, you then should realise that although you can reset the System and Chrome settings, if a nasty is still present they will just revert back again.



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