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Inconsistency in RAM reporting


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Speccy (v1.26.698) does not correctly report the RAM in my Dell laptop; however v1.24.632 does.


The system contains two 2GB SIMMs installed by Dell.


Windows reports a total of 4GB, of which only 3.48 is usable.

Speccy v1.24.632 also reports these numbers and finds two SIMM modules which I can drill into.

Speccy v1.26.698 reports 3GB of which 3.48GB (!) is usable, it also does not find any SIMM modules.



I attach five files:

Summary & RAM screenshots from Speccy v1.24.632

Summary & RAM screenshots from Speccy v1.26.698

Screenshot of Windows -> My computer -> Properties







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I might have similar problems, but with GPU ram, I have 8GB of GDDR5 ram, and Speccy shows it as 4GB GDDR5. Nvidia Control Panel shows it right. Speccy is not the only app which shows my GPU ram incorrectly. Maybe 880M is quite new GPU model from Nvidia that all the system nfo apps does not recognize the full amount of GPU ram yet.


My laptop model is MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro - 1616NE.

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