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Yesterday i ordered CCleaner Pro for 19,95 Euro - Now i have some questions!


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1. For which time span will the paid amount of 19,95 Euro be good ?

    Or: After how many months or years will i have to pay a similar amount _again_??

    Or: Are these paid 19,95 Euros valid for _all_ upcoming versions of CCleaner Pro ???

    The emails a got from Piriform after ordering CCleaner Pro contain NO answer to this question !!!


2. I complain about the installer of CCleaner Pro:

    It does _not_ provide a free choice on which drive and folder CCleaner Pro is to be installed -

    It will automatically and always install to only this fixed "C:\Program Files\CCleaner" place !!

    You will detect this only after the installation is done, Piriform does not communicate

     this fixed target place at the beginning, it just says "Install" but not "where"...


     I don't like this behaviour, since i installed my earlier versions of normal CCleaner

     for many years on purpose _always_ on an 16 GB USB-Stick, so i could quickly replace

     this stick to my second fall back computer and use CCleaner from there,

     in case my first computer stops working correctly...


     Actually, my preferred install method is "No Installer - Using a a small .zip file instead" -

     Nomore possible with CCleaner PRO !! ??


3. Currently, the advantages of CCleaner Pro versus CCleaner normal are indeed present,

    but relatively small: We now have in addition to the "system cleanup" now the "browser cleanup",

    which take place whenever i completely close my IE-11 sessions or my google chrome sessions:

    I'm using Chrome Developer since many years, currently the new 64-bit version "39.0.2166.2"...


    I prepared in the Taskbar of my Windows 7 SP1 Pro (and Ultimate on 2. PC), both 64-bit,

    an additional Shortcut to my USB-Stick ["T:\Progs\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO]

    which i click after closing all browser tabs and windows.

    This way i can manually clean about 30 MB of old unwanted browser data

    with a single mouse click.


I hope to get some useful answers on my questions and thoughts!





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Yes Andavari, you are right:

I could update my ordinary Portable Build of CCleaner on one of my USB-Sticks to CCleaner Pro

just by entering my license key inside the About dialog - Yet i found this drawback:


This enhanced portable build does _not_ allow to drag my desktop shortcut

["T:\Progs\CCleaner\ccleaner64.exe" /Auto] to the taskbar,

while the official CCleaner Pro installed to folder "C:\Program Files\CCleaner"

_can_ easily be dragged to the taskbar!







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You can also copy the portable to your hdd,delete portable.dat and it should allow all to work

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