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How about a little Q/C


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Hello Piriform,


You guys have been awesome.. I mean really awesome..  The product works, its great, we put our trust in you to not brick our PC's and you deliver ever single time.  I mean when you think about it, one little mistake and you could actually wipe out a million PC's.. Crazy right! 


I know you guys do a lot of work, but this new change has me a bit concerned.  I am one of those people that do not like extra things running on my PC.  In this latest release that damn monitoring thing is driving me up a wall.  I cannot get rid of it.  I must run ccleaner about 50 times a day.. I really do.. anal right.. well, I just like to clean my pc each time I close my browser or do anything for that matter and since it only takes a couple seconds to run, what the downside..


So I mentioned the monitoring.. Shall I mention the link to do updates or has someone else seen this already.  Keeps saying I need to update when I don't.  Curious why there is no auto update feature and why we continue to have to go to the site?  Marketing? Okay, that works.. I will also assume the purchased version has an autoupdate option? 


All I am saying is that recently it seems as the program gets larger there are more and more little things that keep showing up.  Believe me, you are doing a great job, super even! but please fix these little annoyances.


I appreciate you and your program very much..  I just can't take this monitoring thing any longer, its killing me..


Kind regards

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