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My computer has been acting up, so I did a System Restore.    Seemed fine until I noticed that I cannot stay signed in to any internet sites.   I have to sign in each time I access them.

I wonder if there is something I did to goof the settings up or what?

Windows live mail is not affected; works like always.

Can anyone give me any hints as to what to do here?   It is a pain to keep signing in, as you can imagine.

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Never mind.    I customized my Firefox History, etc., to delete  all the cache each time I closed Firefox.   Duhhh.    Changed it back and everything works fine now.  At least until the next catastrophe.   Sorry to trouble you.

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Good of you to post the problem and the solution in 14 minutes. :lol:  ;)


That reminded me of the commercial where a mechanic was going to use a hammer to get a battery to fit into a car when clearly the battery was too big.

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