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Bug: Google Chrome Start-Up Items Empty

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Hello, yesterday after Adobe Reader updated to its latest version, I decided to check with CCleaner on something, however looking through the Startup tabs as I usually do, I noticed that the Google Chrome tab was blank. When it usually has a few entries in it due to Chrome and all that. I decided to update to the latest version since I was 2 versions behind cause I thought it'd fix itself when I rebooted.

No such luck, the Google Chrome startup entries are still blank but I still have my normal extensions within Chrome, possibly due to having a Google Account, however this still worries me. Is this actually a bug or is there a workaround for CCleaner to find Chrome's startup entries again?

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i am having same issue and my chrome is newest version that is out right now. have any of you rebooted? i normally stay in sleep mode but i wrote my extensions down jic i have to redo them all again. i wish to god chrome would stop breaking s**t! if any of you have hard booted and still have your ext , please let me know on here. that's my main concern, ty

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