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CCleaner for Mac wiping Chrome Settings


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I was able to find a Windows solution to this problem, but not a Mac solution, so here goes:


Mac OSX 10.9.4

Chrome 37.0.2062.120

CCleaner 1.07.236


Sometimes, when I run CCleaner, it wipes my Chrome settings.  This seems to happen randomly, and happens no matter what combination of checkboxes I have selected under the Chrome sub-menu (I've tested each individually, and cannot replicate the problem.)  Perhaps Chrome is updating in the background, and this has something to do with it, but why would they change where the settings are stored (I'd assume that they don't)?


So, what further testing can I perform?  I am fairly new to the Mac world, so trouble shooting is not yet my strength.  Would this bug stem from the OSX side, or is it truly a bug in CCleaner?


I appreciate your time!



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