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Hi guys, 


I'm new to your forum and would like some help please. I have CCleaner v4.17.4808 on my 2002 XP Optima desktop and on my wife's 2009 ASUS Win7 laptop. As of late, it's been taking forever to do a cleaning scan on the laptop, like I mean boiling the jug, making a cup of tea, going outside for a smoke, coming back inside to see that the first 'Run Cleaner' scan hasn't finished. I click the cancel icon, click the 'X' to close the window which takes a lot more clicking to finally close, run another analyzing scan which takes but a few seconds and again click 'Run Cleaner' and sit and watch the percentage indication sitting on 14% for an eternity, click cancel again and close the window, have uninstalled CCleaner twice and re-installed, but still the same result, even with my cable wireless modem unplugged, in the event that maybe some nefarious low life, is online somehow monitoring me trying to do a cleaning scan with CCleaner. I download CCleaner direct from the Piriform site and not from any other optional site offering the same, to ensure I don't pick up any 'along-for-the-ride' free loading nasties, installed by some feeble minded low life hacker, intent on causing mayhem or what other evil purpose, to bloat their over zealous ego. They are a clever lot though.


OK guys, I await to hear from someone as to why I can run CCleaner without a worry on my aging 2002 XP Optima desktop, but have all the trouble in the world when trying to do a cleaning scan on my wife's ASUS Win7 laptop. I'll do some web searching and read reviews on possibly installing a different cleaner, with similar attributes to CCleaner.


Best regards and may you all have a nice day.



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I have the same problem of late. I have been using CCleaner ever since it came out a long time ago.


At first, it started suddenly with taking a long time to clean my WINDOWS LOG files/folder, then just today it progressed to my browsers cache (IE, Chrome, Opera, etc). I am running Win 7 X64.


No issues reported with disk diagnostic software. 

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