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On startup, speccy in tray doesnt update. Help!

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Hi all, this is my first post.

The problem I'm having is that every time I log in/wake computer/turn on computer, speccy pro (which I have set to run in tray on system start) shows the tray notification with my set temperature (GPU or CPU), but it wont update. Let's say my computer, when I log in, is at 100F. Speccy displays 100F until I open the main window then re-minimize to tray, then it will begin updating per second as usual. I really dont care to open and re-minimize speccy when I start working, so I would like to know (1) if I can fix it myself, or (2) it could be fixed maybe in like the next update or something?


Thanks in advance.

Rheese G

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Thanks for the link. I read through it all and it looks as if his problem was solved by uninstalling and re-installing speccy. I dont think that it would make a difference if I was to be running speccy pro or not.


Unfortunately, after I just went through what the "slightly disgruntled (lol)" OP in that thread did by uninstalling and reinstalling, I still have the same problem. 

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