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How to Turn OFF Virus & Spyware Protection in Win 8?


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Hello Folks!


I wish to make a transition within Win 8 from the inbuilt Security of "Windows Defender" to much sought after- German Product--"Avira Antivir" (Free Edition).


Please suggest on how to REMOVE the Windows Defender as Add/Remove Programs do not list its entry.


Iam aware that using "Action Centre", I can Disable "Messages & Notifications" regarding Alerts, but is unable to figure out that how can we Turn OFF/ Permanently Disable its Protection (like Real-Time Monitoring etc.)


A Simultaneous protection from 2 Anti-Malware Products will cause my System to Bloat, & make it unusable in practical sense!


Help make the Way Clear for Avira's Antivir. Preferably, suggest me on how to REMOVE WD once & for all!



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You cannot remove Windows Defender on Windows 8 as it is built into the system so do not try to :)


Usually when you install another AV on Windows 8 it will turn off Defender for you.


Some instructions here to turn it off manually instead if you prefer to do that just before you install Avira.




Support contact




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Thank you Hazelnut!


I had an Idea about the Steps depicted against the posted link, but was wondering that why the same cannot be accomplished through "Action Center", especially when the Opposite can be accomplished!....i.e. Turning ON Virus & Spyware Protection.

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