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Do all of these Components need to be Enabled?

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Hello There!


My "Networking" Tab within "Ethernet Properties" shows up a lot no. of Components & Protocols being enabled. In general, do we really require all of these to be enabled at the first place for a Daily Web Surfing Experience?


Here goes the List of the "Enabled" Items::


1) Client for Microsoft Networks.

2) QoS Packet Scheduler.

3) File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.

4) Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver.

5) Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver.

6) Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder.

7) Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

8) Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). :::: I know this is required.



Secondly, I would be keen to know which of the above Components can be Safely disabled, or we can be done away with? I read somewhere in a Tweak Post, that QoS can be Disabled to experience the Performance gains for the Internet. Similarly, IPv6 is not that common still!..Therefore, what's the point of leaving it as Enabled? Similarly, will there be a repercussion if I decide to Disable entries from Nos. (1) to (7)?  Please Suggest!


direct download of pdf removed by moderator

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Firstly saurabhdua we don't allow direct downloads of things like installers or a pdf to be posted on forum. I'm sure you understand why. 


Secondly on Windows 8 disabling things can be so tricky as each item can have a dependency which may not become apparent until later.


Each person you ask about this may have a different point of view, but remember everyone uses their machine in a different way.


I would leave things as they are until you understand Win 8 better. You don't want to break anything :)

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I were expecting the Volunteers out there on this Forum to be BOLD in their approach, & will never wary to try & suggest something New! :-)

Atleast do me a favor...Please Summarize the functioning of each of the listed Components.


I remember that till Windows XP, the "Ethernet Properties" didn't use to be that Cluttered & Crowded!


How come a transition to Windows 8 sneaked in the entry of LLDP & Link-Layer? Sometimes I feel, Windows will continue to be designed in a way that end experience will always yearn for adding "More Resources" for the sake of an Optimized & a Fluid Performance!


Something like...1GB of RAM! O not sufficient...Make it 2GB...System still looks slow...Never bother..!..Make it 4GB instead..& on..& on..!! :-)


I read in the TWEAK post that an access to gpedit.msc reveals that 20% of Bandwidth remains reserved for Windows Updates. In my case, it can be easily manoeuvred by simply "disabling" QoS Packet Scheduler ! Shouldn't I...or anybody else for that matter, still not GO for it? :-)


Please Suggest. 

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It is not a case of not being bold, it is a case of being careful.


You must remember that Win 8 is very different from XP and uses things in a different way.


Others here may suggest which network things to enable, disable or alter on your Win 8 machine, but I won't. I don't even know your setup.


Read up about things on Google perhaps for something so important as the functioning and usability of Win 8 networking components, then make an image before you try to alter anything. :)

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In that Ethernet Properties window, selecting each one of those items gives a description for you.

Based on that, you should be able to determine if you want it or not.

If unsure, do what @hazelnut suggests and Google up on it.


In short, none of them are needed to use your PC.  Of course if you want to access the internet, you need at least 1) and 8).

If you want to share out some files or devices from your PC, you will need 3).

If you want traffic on the network to be monitored, prioritised and controlled beyond normal packet handling you need 2).


And so on.  It all depends on how you use the PC in relation to your network requirements.

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So Mta...That affirms the point that Most of these entries are of No Use to a Normal Web surfer. Enough of Sharing takes place through "Facebook" & "Twitter"; & similarly, My ISP is there to throttle down the Bandwidth limits after a certain allocation.....Then Why CHOKE my own neck by enabling "QoS Packet Scheduler"!? :-)


Is there any explicit component out there on which "Windows Updates" functioning depends on?


I would be Happy to follow your suggestion to simply leave enabled the 1) & the last- 8)! 

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I'm not suggesting you ONLY need 1) and 8), I'm saying you AT LEAST need those.

It all depends on your personal setup, and only you can answer that.


In my experience, I tend to let the software, or Microsoft or installation process do it's normal thing.

Then I go and check to determine "Well, that's obviously not needed" and turn something off, but usually the default setup is the way to go.


You may be coming at it from the angle "Right, all that can be turned off, now what do I need to make it work?"


Play around with those settings and see what works best for you.  Best way to learn!

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This is a little old, but saurabhdua, I want to re-enforce the "rightness" of your "natural" inclination to want to CLEAN UP the mess Redmond has been creating for LOW these last nearly 40 years.  I'm not questioning the advice here to be circumspect with delving in where you're not sure what the consequence will be.  HOWEVER, faith placed in MS is not well placed.   I started working for NASA/JSC (Enterprise IT/AT) the same year I built my first PC--1979!


An OS--be it Windows or VMC is SUPPOSED to run the APS you find useful NOT impose itself as your major time-sink hole in life.  Microsoft has NEVER understood that simple Computer 101 factoid--and I don't expect they ever will now---as they're losing their ability to direct the Personal Computer/Smart Phone Conspicuous Consumption cycle.  Bill Gates was always about marketing--never technology.  If it's any consolation:  If the PC arena was simply a repeat of the US Automobile Business Model from the 50's, 60's and 70's, Smartphones take the whole absurdity of Madison Avenue driven "desire" for new shiny's to levels not even the PC world ever arrived at.

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