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I found a black swan problem. Fortunately, it should be easy for developers to address.


x86 tablets do exist, but probably most Android x86 users are working with an ordinary desktop or laptop, and rotating the screen is impractical at best. I run Jelly Bean for x86 as a VirtualBox guest, and there is no provision for rotating the window.


CCleaner starts up in portrait mode unconditionally, even if lock rotation is turned on. The screen and mouse remain in landscape mode, thus making the app extremely hard to use. Even after leaving the app, portrait mode remains in effect. At that point, about all I can do is reboot the guest.


To solve the problem, check whether the CPU is x86 or ARM. If ARM, continue as usual. If x86, start in landscape and stay there until/unless an orientation change event takes place. As a backup method, if the device type is a tablet and orientation is landscape, start in landscape and stay there until a change event. If device type is tablet and orientation is portrait, go ahead and start in portrait.

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