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recovering files from android phone

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I understand that I might be able to recover the photos I accidentally erased on my Samsung mobile phone using Recuva.


When I am using the "Recuva Wizard" and it asks me for the "file location" do I click on "my media card or iPod"  or "specific location"


I have tried "in a specific location " but it does not show up the path to my mobile even though I have it connected to the computer and the path shows up as "Computer>GT-19100>phone.


Is it possible to recover deleted photos on the Samsung mobile or not.


Any help would be really appreciated.



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Hello and welcome to the forum.

All though this may seem like a good idea, look at the dilemma.
They would have to support all phone types. They cant be selective in what phone to support and not.

If not mistaken there are numerous discussion about phone support that answer your question.


But the short awnser is "No, Recuva doesn't have phone support"

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More over, as of Android 4 Universal Mass Storage device was removed from all devices. This mode (as opposed to MTP and PTP) allows a "physical drive" letter to be assign by windows. Recuva and other such software need a drive letter for a variety of reasons, however google deems UMS to be a danger to their products. (I was reading last night about this because MTP is so slow)


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