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can't install Bluetooth and Sony Wireless State Devic Driver

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I have a problem with installing Bluetooth Driver and Sony Wireless State Device.
I always downloaded them from the laptop's official website and installed them, but this time after a clean installation of windows 8, they all refuse to install with a yellow exclamation mark on the Unknown Device with (code 28). I mean the process of the installation goes until the end and I thought they were successfully installed but they weren't.
please, how can I install them?

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Does the setup file come with any specific install instructions that are a bit out of the ordinary such as having to install through Device Manager.


I only ask because that's how I had to recently install my NIC card as it didn't have any setup .exe files to run, they were all .inf files that had to be installed using:

Device Manager -> Network Adapter -> Update Driver (may read as "Update Driver Software" in Win7 or newer) -> Browse (to the setup .inf file)

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I succeeded at installing by giving permissions to Bluetooth through the registry, but now I have white exclamation marks on Bluetooth Peripheral Device.

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