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FileHippo.com- tricked while updating ccleaner


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Not knowing if the former discussion on this forum was too old and not being followed anymore, I figured I'd (copy and) post as new just in case.  I apologize if that's not the proper thing to do, I'm not too forum saavy and am trying to learn along the way.


From Guitarsmokr's original thread:

I'm a complete newbie to this forum (or any forum for that matter), but after having an experience with filehippo while updating my ccleaner (which I've used forever) I felt compelled to post.  I came across this forum and this particular thread after having been duped while completing an update.  Turns out a misclick from my fingerpad (wish I had an old school mouse now) bit me after a little detective work on my part.  It seems to "click" at times when I don't actually click anything.  Anyway, I'm usually paranoid about downloading anything, but since I was sure I had clicked on the correct button to update ccleaner (the get the latest version button) I downloaded and ran the Setup.exe file that was referenced in the original post in this thread.  ....and yes, I did feel especially stupid after reading that post lol.  Reading the rest of the messages I figured out that you guys know what the heck you're talking about so I figured I'd look for some help/reassurance here.  For one, I now have adblocker plus (why did I not know about that little gem before?).


What worries me is that (in my sleep deprived state) since I downloaded and then ok'd the setup.exe to "change my computer" (or whatever the typical windows user warning says) and do its' thing that I've done something terrible to my computer or security.  Norton symantec said setup.exe was "safe" and subsequent scans have been clean.  I also downloaded and scanned with lavasoft adaware AV and malwarebytes antimalware which both came back clean with no issues.  I still had concern though not knowing if "accepting changes to my computer" during that download would make it impossible for those programs to catch anything.  I know, that's probably stupid but again I'm a complete novice. 


The button that was accidentally hit was immediately below the "real" one (with adblocker off of course) and is from "downloadnex.com" (saying "start download" and "free version" in green).  Thinking originally that I had hit the correct button and that this was just now how ccleaner had to be updated, I went through the steps for this "free download manager."  Through more detective work I've now found that I think this "fusion install" is just bundleware??  It did ultimately get me to the ccsetup file that I was accustomed to and I didn't download any of the additional freeware that was offered by the program. 


Thanks guys for any reassurance anyone may be able to give.  I don't want to have to throw my computer against a wall as the original poster suggested.  I've learned for darn sure to just go to piriform.com for future updates!!


I sadly couldn't figure out how to attach my screenshot to illustrate


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