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Help with Speccy

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I need help to interpret the data/info Speccy is pulling from one's computer. Although I am not a computer expert, I have helped friends and a few people on the internet who had problems with their computer and knew even less.


I also advised them to run Speccy to have a clue of what's ailing their system. And I must say, it certainly is a excellent tool to pull up info from one's system. E.g. "Bleeping Computer" uses extensively Speccy. The fact that Speccy allows the user to publish a snapshot on the internet is a giant succes giving the program an edge over other programs. Some Speccy info gave a clear signal of what was wrong. But some sections of the Speccy info remain murky for me.


- Speccy pulls up data from the SMART feature of harddisks but I don't know how to interpret those readings. What values are regarded to be safe, what values would send a warning signal and what values are outright dangerous.


- Speccy also pulls info about processes/programs that are responsible for pulling data from the internet. And that info remains a mystery as well.

See e.g. this Speccy weblink.



One process called "Javaw.exe" (PID 508) has multiple lines under "Network", "Current TCP Network Connections". And I haven't the faintest clue what all these lines mean ("Listen", "Querying", "Established", "Closed", etc.). Do all lines mean that "Javaw.exe" opens multiple connections on one's internet connection ? Then it wouldn't surprise me that this is/could be the reason why this person's system is so slow.

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