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Freeze on startup


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I have Speccy set to display CPU average Temp on start-up but I've noticed every time my PC is restarted that the number displayed in the taskbar is frozen in place? & I have to open Speccy & minimize it each time is order for it to display properly.

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Use Windows Disk Management to observe the Disk numbers allocated to each physical disk that is connected via SATA.

You may find, as I have found, that stupid windows RE-allocates the numbers after a RE-start in a different order to what they were upon Start-up,

and some programs malfunction in this situation.

Perhaps this causes grief to Speccy.


Microsoft seem to understand IDE,

SATA is something else - they explain the problem in a technical note as being due to "the order of enumeration",

which means they do not have a clue on how to fix it.

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confirmed here as well. (Win8.1u1 Pro 64bit)

set Speccy to show CPU temp at startup, doesn't change until you go into Speccy, re-minimise and then behaves as expected.

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