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CCleaner is installing malware


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Hi all,


I have been using free CCleaner since day ONE....And I can say that I have NEVER had any problems with the install...NO mailware....I have Nortons installed and if there were any mailware it would have picked it up...I only download from piriform... Yes it did have the tool bar to install..just untick the boxes...Simples...


I still have a problem with Edge not deleting in v5.16 But dropped back to v5.13 and they get deleted..But that's another story..


Have a nice day



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I think that people must get their terminology correct.


Anti-virus and malware applications classify the bundled toolbar within the NORMAL installer as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or provide a warning of potentially unsafe not as Malware.


If your Anti-virus does not indicate anything it can mean one of two things.

1) they do not see the toolbar as a problem

2) they are not aware of the toolbar (how it works and so on)


If the Anti-virus does hit the toolbar it can mean

1) they are aware of something we as users are not dues providing a warning

2) they still provide you the user the option to remove it or keep it. (that is what my ESET-NOD32 does, but I use the SLIM installer all the time)


Virus Total scan result

(note the file name: ccsetup516.exe)

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No, Ccleaner does not install any malware. Ccleaner does optionally install Google Chrome and Google Toolbar, but only if you leave these optional items checked during installation.


For anyone who "thinks" that Ccleaner installed malware on their computer, then I can guarantee that this is due to one and/or the other of the following two things:


1. You installed Ccleaner from an unreliable web site. In other words, you installed a hacked version of Ccleaner in which hackers added malware to the installer.


2. Your computer is already infected with malware, and the malware intercepted your attempt to download Ccleaner from either Piriform, FileHippo, or CNET and instead downloaded a hacked version of Ccleaner from another Internet location.

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Try reading this-



Because of these idiots some anti-malware sites, not all,  are warning you to check that you have the REAL CCleaner.

(and PS MBAM is not one of them, MBAM can tell the difference between the fakes and the real versions).

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