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"Overwrite" button beside Recover

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Since many of people who downloaded Recuva
so they can Overwrite instead of recovering
I think this should be added beside the button "Recover" as well.
most people don't buy recuva since they want to overwrite instead of recovering files.
and right clicking to overwrite it seems a little irritating to do it.

Thanks :D



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Welcome to the forum.


Most people do NOT want to overwrite but NEED to recover files.


It would be needlessly cruel to make it so easy for the novice user to destroy all hope of ever recovering by presenting an open door into disaster.

Not every user is calm and relaxed and reads all the documentation before launching new software.


If the user makes a mistake and clicks Recover instead of Overwrite he loses a few seconds by aborting the Recovery Destination choice,

With a mistaken Overwrite instead of Recover he loses a lifetime of precious images and documents.


I would however be happy if there was an on-screen message to the user about how to enter an over-write mode.

That would have saved me the effort of reading the documentation for myself when I wanted a clean start.


Once I knew how to overwrite I was more than happy to right click.


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