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Antivirus software is useless...or actually it isn't

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This week Symantec gave an interview where they claimed antivirus software was dead and useless. krebsec looked at it and said malarkey, I concur



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It's just a coincidence of course about the new corporate software Symantec just brought out.





Symantec (Nasdaq:SYMC) today announced an entirely new approach to advanced threat protection (ATP), unveiling a roadmap of integrated solutions that demonstrates the security innovation power that only it can deliver to help customers solve their most complex problems. This approach is fueled by two new offerings, Symantec Managed Security Services - Advanced Threat Protection and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution, which correlate alerts and intelligence across a range of security technologies to deliver more comprehensive attack prevention. Symantec’s holistic methodology captures the benefits achieved when security technologies work together, transforming the complex fight against advanced threats into a manageable function that delivers stronger protection and more value to businesses.


Sure things have changed, virus and malware writers use social engineering now as well to infect people. At one time av's were mostly all we had, now they are a part, and an essential part, of what should be a layered security on pc's..


Anyway Eugene Kaspersky doesn't agree with what Symantec said



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NAV is useless. Like Hazelnut mentioned nowadays it's about layered security, if someone is relying upon only one or two programs to protect them they'll likely be dealing with some form of infection.


Of course layered security goes beyond just anti-virus and anti-malware, people need to using a HOSTS file, adblocking software (with the Malware Protection subscription enabled), etc.

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